Lakeyah Gives Fans Advice On How To Turn Their Dreams Into Reality

Sometimes all we need is a little motivation to achieve our goals and dreams. Milwaukee-born rapper Lakeyah recently dropped gems encouraging fans to turn their dreams into reality. 


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The QC rapper took to Instagram with some words of wisdom to her fans. 

She encouraged her supporters to shift their focus from what others may think of them and start believing in themselves. 

Lakeyah began the video by saying:

“Let me give y’all some quick motivation from a real bitch to another real bitch. Other people not believing in you will not mess up what you got going on for yourself.”

The “Mind Yo Business” rapper continued to explain that the moment they stop believing in themselves and no longer strive to complete their dreams, it won’t become their reality. 

“Whatever you’re trying to do, do that shit. If you don’t do it, it’s just a dream, make that shit your reality.” 


Lakeyah Gives Fans The Scoop On Turning Their Dreams Into Reality

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Lakeyah is inspiring many to chase their dreams and never look back.

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Lakeyah isn’t the only one giving us some motivation. 

As the key speaker at the 2022 Invest Fest, Steve Harvey shared an inspirational story that encouraged Black entrepreneurs to demand ownership and not be so quick to accept a paycheck.

The legendary comedian expressed how he turned an embarrassing error into a multi-million dollar ownership opportunity.