216mossey & LetJayFlyy On The Rise With Their Latest Release

Nick Mossey best known as 216mossey is on the rise with his latest single “Hate Me”. Best known for his viral song “Lost in my emotions” & “Fast” , he’s been able to gain thousands of fans and streams for his music. Getting serious about music was a huge step but since he started it’s been a non stop incline for him with his music and name going to the top.

The single “Hate Me” is a song about moving from toxic friendships and relationships. It shows that through the hate you shouldn’t let it stop you from chasing your dreams. Both 216mossey & LetJayFlyy express feelings and emotions thag nearly everyone can relate to, with each of them having their own versatile role in what “Hate Me” is about. More or less they are talented, creative, and extremely passionate about their music career and what they plan for next.

216mossey & Letjayflyy both see the song going a long way with it reaching the right audience. It’s a way for them to prove to others that anyone can reach their dreams and goals whether it’s a challenge or not. They both hope to see themselves as huge artists influencing the youth to do what they want and not to listen to any hate. Through their own voices and music they set standards for others in the industry and are going to be able too share their music with the world.