Kevin Gates’ Latest Performance Goes Viral On Black Twitter

Kevin Gates raised eyebrows with his recent sexual performance on the Big Lyfe tour.

Kevin Gates

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In the past few months, Kevin Gates has had a few jaw-dropping moments, leaving fans stunned each time.

From his explicit lyrics in his latest freestyle to his steamy interview on the second episode of Caresha, Please, the Louisiana-born rapper is known for his off-the-wall actions and comments.

Last night, the “2 Phones” rapper performed “D U Down” while demonstrating his bedroom movements which some fans found to be aggressive.

One fan admitted to being afraid of the rapper, commenting:

“I’m GENUINELY afraid of Kevin Gates lmaoo in ngl”

Another Twitter user commented:

“Kevin Gates is an endangerment to society. Why is this n*gga so intense with this imaginary woman??”

Fans never know what to expect when it comes to the “Would You Mind” rapper.

Kevin Caught Flirting With Summer Walker

Kevin is known for his aggressive sexual nature.

A few months ago, a video of Kevin Gates and Summer Walker circulated the internet.  

In the video, he is seen approaching SummerWalker in the club. He grabs Summer’s hand in a flirtatious fashion as he introduces himself.