Why Drake’s 50,000 Sq Ft Toronto Mansion Was So Significant To The Kanye Truce Moment

Drake’s extravagant 50,000 sq foot Toronto mansion, dubbed “The Embassy” provided a significant setting for the momentous truce between Drake and Kanye. And Drake is letting fans in for an intimate experience.


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The two rivals came together at The Embassy to settle their differences before witnesses including J. Prince, who brokered the peace.

Comedian Dave Chapelle was there as a witness and celebrated the epic moment, noting the historical significance of Drake’s hometown as the location for the truce.

“You have to admit to yourself, this shit is impressive. I cannot believe I’m in a nigga’s house. A nigga from this city that did not grow up this way. Tonight, he brought some of the biggest stars on Earth to his home. Kanye West is in his home…Dave Chappelle is in his home. This is Canada. It’s what the Black American calls the finish line. Niggas ran from slavery to this place. And tonight, we feel free in my nigga’s home. My God, man.”

The astonishing domicile, including an NBA regulation-size indoor basketball court crowned by a 21-square-foot pyramidal skylight, was recently featured in Architectural Digest.  

Today, fans can have a virtual look at the palatial mansion on his official site, DrakeRelated — Drake’s offering to fans in celebration of the 10-year anniversary of his opus, Take Care.

The door where the two icons were photographed with J. Prince can be seen in the virtual recreation.

Drake & Kanye BFF

Fans can see a digital recreation of Drake’s actual bedroom, recording studio, lounge, and a driveway full of expensive cars and purchase related merchandise.

Drake's Front Door
Drake’s Front Door
Drake's Studio
Drake’s Studio
Drake's Lounge
Drake’s Lounge

Ironically, Kanye tried to dox the address to Drake’s house on social media during the heat of the beef.