Ike Gives Us A High-Octane Power Blast On “Trunks”

Rising Hip-Hop star Ike releases a new track and music video titled “Trunks.”

The record maintains a consistent feel throughout its brief duration, with a musical mood as low-key as Ike is himself. However, one would have hoped for some livelier notes on this track. Ike has already proven that he can rise to the occasion for hyped-up tracks with his previous release “Can’t Fold.”
All in all, “Trunks” is a decent project — a solid offering, particularly for a hip-hop artist that had only one EP(The Fever’s Dream) released back in 2018 in his catalog before.

We hope there will be no discussion twenty years from now about his impact on the rap landscape with his upcoming projects in the future.
But before that, we strongly advise you to check out Ike’s creative style and captivating visuals for this new track: