Tory Lanez Reveals Why Negative Press Doesn’t Faze Him

Rap crooner Tory Lanez has way more confidence than people give him credit for. The hip-hop entertainer has come forward to share the latest episode of his “P.S.A.” series and hones in on why negative press doesn’t slow down his strive for greatness.

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Tory Lanez Reveals Why He’s Ready For Anything

The five and a half minute episode digs deep into Lanez’s state of mind. Most notably is Lanez acknowledging recent cringe headlines he generated including a balding-themed viral meme and explaining why he still avoid an L.

“I’m never worried about what comes out in the news or whatever comes out about me because my confidence is just so high. I don’t even understand, like, when God was doing my attributes, he definitely put extra stones in the confidence part – my confidence is through the roof. I think it’s dope that I’m always in the news. People don’t understand I have a thing for being viral, I know what I’m doing. I know how to create moments. I know how to turn the situation around – I know when to pop my sh*t – I ‘know’ what I’m doing.”

Another standout moment from the episode is Lanez revealing he actually doesn’t have a manager helping guide his career.

“What a lot of people don’t understand about me or know about me is I’m fully independent. I don’t have a manager. I am my manager and I’m also a manager of other artists and I do a great job at that sh*t because I’m always active and I keep myself moving and improving.”

Tory Lanez reveals why he’s a determined winner.
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Tory Lanez Wants A Fair Shot

A few days ago, Lanez called out digital powerhouses for possibly intentionally blacklisting his content despite fans’ eagerness to hear it. The remarks came following Tory dropping his new Playboy R&B capsule of music.

“I’m not tryna single out any platforms …. at all … I JUST ASK THAT AT THIS POINT … I get treated FAIRLY… as an independent artist … and as a BLACK BUSINESS .. I ACTIVELY still make the platforms money with my music … So it should NOT BE RIGHT .. for any platform to CENSOR AND SILENCE ME FROM THE EDITORIAL PLAYLIST OR HOME PAGES OF THESE PLATFORMS THAT HELP TO GIVE EYE BALLS TO YOUNG ARTIST … I’ve stayed cool for the last 2 projects … BUT THIS IS JUST NOT FAIR .” -Tory Lanez

“👏🏾” -Timbaland applauds Tory Lanez with a clapping hands emoji.

Hours prior, Tory blessed fans with his new Playboy R&B music capsule.


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Tory Lanez’s “Feels” Music Video

In February 2021, Tory dropped his “Feels” single and music video with R&B superstar Chris Brown. Both himself and Chris show off super powers. While Tory channels his inner Spider-Man, Chris magically flies while crooning to a woman during a performance.

““FEELS” MUSIC VIDEO OUT NOW!!! ME AND @chrisbrownofficial HAVE A BANGER 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥ONE OF MY FAVORITE ONES TO DATE! ARE YALL READY FOR “PLAYBOY” CAPSULE??!! 😈😈🔥🔥LINK IN BIO ☔️☔️☔️🎥: @christhedirector @luckybastards_inc”

The “Feels” Single Sneak Listen

A few days prior, TL went to his Instagram page with the ultimate teaser. Along with previewing a few bars from the record, Lanez said the record would drop ahead of the weekend.

“THIS IS MY NEW SINGLE !!!!!!!! TORY x @ChrisBrownOfficial …. #FEELS 🍾😈☔️🔥 ….. THIS FRIDAY !!! …… I MIGHT DROP THE VISUALS WITH THIS TOO ….. If I should drop the visuals COMMENT “🐐” Under THIS POST !!!! PRESAVE LINK IN BIO!!!!📸: @cmvisuals”