The New Rap Queen In Town: Lomijoh – ‘Lil Bossy’

Lomijoh is showing some serious skills on her new track, “Lil Bossy,” a song that exposes her sky high potential, which might very well give her the status of rap music’s new queen in the coming months. “Lil Bossy” is only her second release, following-up on her beautiful debut single, “Don’t Let It Go,” a deeply personal song that shared  her vision of relationships, as she emphasized on the importance of giving our all before letting it go. 

“Lil Bossy” is velvety, smooth, and yet utterly fierce in the substance it shares with the listener. Lomijoh wanted to create a song that would empower women to become what they want, no matter people’s opinions, and it is certain Lomijoh has succeeded in creating that very vibe through this flawless joint. Have a listen for yourself to “Lil Bossy” and enjoy the empowering lyrics served by the new rap queen in town!