Dylan Joseph Incorporates Elements of Rock’n’Roll On His New Country Hit, ‘City Dime’

Dylan Joseph settles his music career on solid ground; after dropping his debut single last year titled ‘27007,’ he keeps stepping up his game with every new track. 

His latest work, ‘City Dime’ is the attempt to flit between rock, and country; between indie and mainstream, and simultaneously is telling an entertaining story, and sharing a real-life experience. 

Dylan Joseph has been improving his vocal performance ever since the first release. The big improvement can be noticed in the past few singles he dropped this year: ’44’ and ‘Closer To You.’ On ‘City Dime,’ he proved how skilled a singer he is by delivering new parameters of his vocals and going way lower than ever before. Power emerged from his voice, perfectly matching the story he is telling on the new single. 

‘City Dime’ showcases the life of a country girl who is sick of living under her parents’ rules, and wants to live accordingly to her own decisions. She falls in love with a bad boy, and knowing that her parents won’t accept the relationship, she risks it all for the love.