Mizz Rada Has Cure For Life’s Emotional Struggles

Vixen Mizz Rada is speaking her mind fresh from a publicized split. The former ride or die to comedian Michael Blackson has revealed her approach to dealing with the good, bad and ugly parts of life.

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Mizz Rada Has Cure For Life’s Struggles

She went to Instagram with a snapshot of herself soaking in sunshine in a pool. In the caption, Rada referenced the importance of allowing humor to take over her body.

“There is a cure for life’s emotional journey……it’s called laughter. I love being tickled with laughter but for some reason I always fall for the person who makes me laugh to the point where I feel like I’m going into labor with wet tickles.”

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Mizz Rada has cure for life’s struggles.

Mizz Rada Announces Crushing Breakup

A few days ago, the curvy entertainer lit up Instagram with some unexpected news. While she didn’t get too specific, Rada did suggest lying might have ultimately caused a breakup with Blackson.

“It has been a great ride…..although I love him to death, he has internal issues that he needs to work on. I am an easy person to deal with but I will not be lied to. I will always love and support him with all my heart……it’s time for me to move on and love him from afar. Enjoy the Gold Coast….my side beeches and I are moving on #takecare ….”

Mizz Rada announces crushing breakup.

Mizz Rada Teases Michael Blackson Reunion

In summer 2020, Rada went to her Instagram page with the ultimate teaser. She shared a ‘throwback’ pic of herself boo’d up in a pool with MB following a previous breakup.

“Since y’all miss him so much, let’s play where is Mike. Can y’all find him? Disclaimer: This is an old pic ??‍♀️” -Miss Rada’s Instagram

Single + Ready To Mingle

Days prior, Rada hit up her Instagram page with a shocker. She hinted at possibly being back on the open market with a reference to dating apps.

“Gotta learn how to swipe right again….” -Miss Rada’s Instagram