Kehlani Gets Emotional + Denies Kaalan Walker’s Abortion Claims

R&B singer Kehlani is not standing for any slander on her name. The Grammy-nominated artist clapped back hard at actor Kaalan Walker after the accused rapist claimed Lani aborted the baby they were going to have together.

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Kehlani Vs. Kaalan Walker Feud Gets Ugly

Kaalan Walker had been in jail since 2018, facing sexual assault charges, until he was released on bail recently. Kehlani went on Twitter to support his alleged victims, to which Walker responded with the abortion story.

Kehlani didn’t just use her own social media pages to clear the air, she also commented on the Instagram post of the site that shared her screenshots.

“lemme make this very clear… i know his victims personally. i was asked personally and privately to back them up because multiple large platformed people/celebrities had literally left them on READ. if speaking up for abused women makes me ‘getting in someone’s business’ if it makes me ‘messy’ then i’ll absolutely be that. i’ll take that over being the woman who was SILENT when came to personally for help. i’m not addressing the *very clear* craziness, but anyone with the notion i ‘inserted myself’ can kiss my mf ass. who gets anything positive from anything related to assault? what clout? who wants to be known for anything this traumatic? as many times as i’ve spoken about being a victim myself? i will never be so afraid of imaginary repercussions that i let it stop me from standing up for what’s wrong. a lot of y’all need your mf cards revoked, and he needs to be back in jail and medicated. bless it.”

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Kehlani denies abortion claims by Kaalan Walker.

A$AP Rocky Dismissed Rumors He Bailed Out Kaalan Walker

Walker had implied he was bailed out by a celebrity friend who put up over $1 million to get him out of jail. That friend was rumored to be New York rapper A$AP Rocky, which was news to the A$AP Mob leader.


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Kehlani Puts Herself On Beyonce + Rihanna’s Level

Professionally, Kehlani is killing it. Late last year, she landed on Spotify’s “Highest Streamed” list alongside music icons Beyoncé and Rihanna.

“jus wanted to repost with a proper caption. in May, i put an album out with all the odds against it. beginning of quarantine. did the entire roll out from my garage, created a production company composed of literally just me and @brialysse at the time to shoot and edit videos from the garage, shot the cover in the damn backyard …with my toddler there every step of the way. we had a #2 overall album and #1 rnb album. i have a lot of fans wondering where certain accolades or acknowledgments are for me but i need y’all to know that YALL listening to and loving the music is what matters to me the most. numbers don’t lie! y’all see me working hard! my family sees me working hard and gets to see really cool shit like this. my mama gon think this is awesome and that’s priceless. i love you all so much. honored to be in company with women i grew up admiring forever and still now. just happy to be here. 🤍” -Kehlani’s Instagram

Kehlani Addresses Unfollowing Megan Thee Stallion

In October 2020, Lani had to come forward to address some major rumors. Kehlani sparked attention after unfollowing hip-hop friend Megan Thee Stallion and cleared the air.

“I am unfollowing everyone and starting at zero, Instagram only lets you go a certain amount at a time. I am trying to get to zero to start over again. I followed 2300 people.”

As for the rumors of a feud between her and Megan Thee Stallion, she wrote:

“Y’all theories are a** juice and instagram is toxic which is why i’m tryna clean my timeline up to stay off of it,” she added. “If u follow me closely you know i been off twitter for a while too. i’m in a great placeeeeee mind ur beeeeez life is goooood.”