Kevin Gates Drops Surprise ‘Only The Generals Pt II’ Mixtape

Baton Rouge-born rapper Kevin Gates is blessing every one of his fans with a surprise Only The Generals Part II mixtape. KG posted the release announcement through his social media and the response to it has people calling him underrated.

Kevin Gates Blesses His Fans W/ New Mixtape

Gates has finally gifted his followers with some new music while they eagerly await his third studio album, Khaza, which has been rumored to be in the works for a while now. The Only The Generals Part II mixtape features 12 tracks and also accompanies a music video version for his, “Puerto Rico Luv” project.

Only The Generals Part 2 mixtape out now #BWA #KevinGates

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Kevin Gates’ Sex Tape

Twitter users have done their research on the matter. Some even comparing the tattoos of the people in the sex tape to those of Kevin Gates and his wife Dreka. Some believe it’s him while others are skeptical.

“No lie I peeped the tattoos but he got too many ? and Gates really ain’t that skinny”

“Me watching the Kevin gates video #kevingatesvideo”


Kevin Gates Says Music Biz Going To Blackball Young Chop

In March 2020, Kevin Gates went online to share a hard-hitting song. In the untitled record, he specifically referenced producer Young Chop gearing up to get taken out at the hands of the industry because of things he’s said on social media.

“I cut off my finger to save my hand, this is how I got established,” KG raps. “My heart goes out to Young Chop and the industry, they gonna black ball him/So hard with the gun copped…”

Cam Newton Turns Up To Migos, Future, Kevin Gates, and Lil Baby

In March 2020, former North Carolina Panthers quarter Cam Newton went to Instagram with a jam-packed slideshow of gym grind moments. In the clips, he was shown turning up to hits by rap heavyweights Migos, Future, Lil Baby and Kevin Gates.

“When you’re a warrior in battle… you never count the days battled. You just get up everyday and fight! Shine through the shade. Not for likes just for life.”