Antonio Brown Gets Sued For Allegedly Scamming Music Producer

Antonio Brown is getting sued by a music producer for theft, defamation, and attempting fraud.

Antonio Brown

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Former NFL wide receiver Antonio Brown has reportedly been sued by music producer, Ryan Kane.

The documents allege that Brown stole approximately $178,000 and made discouraging statements towards the Secure The Bag company.

In addition, the lawsuit also alleged that the former Buccaneers receiver tried to use Lil Wayne as a way to take money from the company.

Ryan Kane, owner of Secure The Bag Company, recently spoke out against Brown, calling him a liar and thief while mentioning he wanted to give him an opportunity, but he blew it with his troubles.

Kane also said he was happy about signing Brown when they initially worked on the deal, but it quickly turned sour.

AB also posted a pay stub, which he captioned it: 

“I get paid to rap”

Another Twitter user then replied: 

“You know you f*cked up right”

The comment implies that it was not a smart decision for Brown to post this as several people now have the information to commit fraud against him.

Unpaid Debts

Controversial artist Tekashi69 experienced a similar situation with a popular clothing company.

Fashion Nova is filing a lawsuit against Tekashi 69 for not following up on a 2018 payment agreement deal.