Irv Gotti Promises A Tell-All Documentary About the Rise & Fall of Murder Inc. Here Are Five “Truths” That Must Be Revealed

Irv Gotti’s Murder Inc. Records and BET Networks are collaborating on a docuseries to explore the rise and fall of the label after a scandalous federal money laundering investigation and a relentless takedown by 50 Cent.  The truth is certain to open up old, unhealed wounds.

Murder Inc

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Murder Inc. has gone through all kinds of ups and downs due to the federal case, the beef with G-Unit boss 50 Cent, and internal wars between founders Irv Gotti and his roster of artists that included Ja Rule and Ashanti.

Yesterday, BET and Gotti announced a five-part docuseries that will unveil what really happened caused the rise and fall of one of hip-hop’s most impactful record labels.

Irv Gotti got on Instagram today, promising that the docuseries will be a tell-all and would reveal the stories behind the headlines. He said, “this is for all of y’all wondering if my artist is gonna tell there truths for the documentary. The answer is YES.”

Here are the five “truths” fans are dying to be revealed in the new biopic. 

1. Why did Irv Gotti not allow Ja Rule to respond to beef with 50 Cent? 

Originally, the beef originated with 50 Cent’s 1999 diss record “Life’s On the Line.”

Ja Rule didn’t give 50 a pound because 50 was associated with a dude that allegedly robbed Ja of his chain. Besides the lukewarm comeback from Ja Rule with “Sh*t Gets Ugly,” Irv Gotti held Ja back from making a hard-hitting response from Murder Inc and the crew decided not to respond to 50 Cent.

Ja Rule’s beef went public with 50 Cent in late 2002 with the release of 50 Cent diss records like “Back Down” and “I Smell P—y.”

2. What really happened between Irv Gotti and Ashanti?

For years it was rumored that R&B artists Ashanti and Irv Gotti were having an affair while Irv was still married to his wife, Debbie Lorenzo.  

Irv and Ashanti have also had public disputes over Gotti questioning her loyalty to the label during the label’s 2003 federal case when Irv and his brother Chris Gotti were arrested on two counts of money laundering and conspiracy to launder money in the government’s case against Murder Inc associate, Kenneth “Supreme” McGriff. Ashanti has refuted the claims of disloyalty, saying she came to the trial to show support while filming a movie in Canada, even though the contract said she wasn’t supposed to leave Canada.

3. Why did Black Child stab 50 Cent?

In 2000, there was a fight between 50’s label, G-unit, and Murder Inc. at The Hit Factory studios in NYC.  Murder Inc artist BlackChild stabbed 50 Cent in the brawl, resulting in 50 being hospitalized for his wounds.

4. Have Cadillac Tah and Irv Gotti mended their relationship?

The relationship between Cadillac Tah and Irv Gotti soured in 2009 when Tah left the label. Cadillac Tah did several interviews voicing his frustration over Gotti not putting out his album, Pov City Hustla, after the success of the Pov City Anthem song with Ashanti.

Irv Gotti went on The Drink Champs podcast and said he would never trust Tah based on accusations made by Prodigy (Mobb Deep) in his book, “My Infamous Life” however, Cadillac Tah denies this claim.

5. Did Irv Gotti have any animosity toward Jay-Z for taking the post at the helm of Def Jam – a position for which Irv Gotti was next in line?

In January 2004, Lyor Cohen left his post as president of Island Def Jam, leaving the leadership of Def Jam a mystery. Many people felt Irv Gotti would have been a better president than Jay-Z who filled the vacancy. However, Irv Gotti was knee-deep in his money laundering trial with the Feds.

Ashanti Owns Her Masters

Former Murder Inc artist Ashanti recently took back control of her masters. The artist announced that she now owns the masters to her self-titled debut album and will be re-recording the project as an independent artist.

The “Foolish” singer is now in possession of the masters to her 2002 debut record, Ashanti. The chart-topping album, which snagged Ashanti a Grammy Award for Best Contemporary R&B Album, will be re-released independently — a major money move that will allow her to keep the majority of any sales revenue.”

Ja Rule and Ashanti will also be performing at the Dreamville Festival hosted by founder and rapper J. Cole.