Tyler The Creator Says NFTs Can’t Compare To Tangible Art. Are Gunna, Snoop Dogg, And Eminem Just In It For The Clout?

Tyler the Creator appeared in Converse’s All-Star interview where he humorously laid out all of his thoughts and opinions on a series of topics. On the subject of NFTs, Tyler stated that celebs are riding the NFT wave just for the clout. 

Tyler the Creator

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Tyler the Creator: What the f**k is an NFT?

Tyler The Creator was in an interview part of Converse’s All-Star 2022 series and talked for seventy minutes about many things, from Kanye West’s Black Future Month to video director  Hype Williams’ greatness. However, there was one thing that made his fans talk: his stance on NFTs. 

Nearly 12 minutes into the interview, Tyler interrupted a question about NFTs and went on to say “What the f**k is a NFT?” several times, expressing his confusion at the concept of an NFT, while comparing the polarizing space with varying enjoyable experiences he’s had in real life.

“I paint at home, I play instruments. … I have a friend who’s making me speakers by hand right now. What the f**k is a NFT?” Tyler said. 

Many agree with Tyler’s viewpoint and – despite the fact that hip-hop artists like Gunna, Eminem, and Snoop Dogg have all brought NFTs –  do not understand the reasoning behind purchasing a digital image that doesn’t have the tangible benefits of ownership compared to other forms of art for thousands of dollars. He goes so far as to point out that a person “can’t NFT me looking at you in real life.”

To put it bluntly, Tyler refers to NFTs as a “d*ck-swinging contest.”  He also admits to not knowing much about NFTs and that he is speaking from a ‘’surface level ignorance.”  

Closer to the 15:15 mark, he mentioned that none of the NFT examples he’s seen would qualify as top-tier art. “None of the examples I’ve seen is, like, beautiful art,” said Tyler, the Creator. “It’s a f**king monkey in a Supreme hoodie.” 

Artists Say NO To NFTs

Tyler isn’t the only artist not feeling NFTS, in fact, many artists have expressed their confusion for the art including fashion and music mogul, Kanye West.

Kanye West is known for pushing boundaries in fashion, music, and politics. However, don’t step to him about an NFT. Apparently, the groundbreaking artist has been getting tons of inquiries about selling his art as NFTs and Mr. West is not having it… for now.

Hip-Hop Artists Go All In On NFTs

Unlike Tyler and Kanye, several rappers have become huge fans of NFTS.

Rapper Nas is selling a percentage of his music via NFT. Nas will drop nonfungible tokens that let users own streaming royalty rights for the songs “Ultra Black” and “Rare.”

He isn’t the only one hopping on this metaverse train. Meek Mill has openly expressed his issues with his current label. Last year, Meek went on a rant about his label taking advantage of him and not profiting enough from his music. His next move, he revealed, is going to be selling his music as an independent via the blockchain.