Did Saucy Santana Just Reveal His New Boo?

The “Material Girl” rapper may have just revealed his new boo. Recently, Saucy Santana quoted a few-month-old tweet of a mystery man.

Saucy Santana

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Santana has fans guessing who this mystery man is after quoting a Twitter photo from months ago.  

Santana has been making big moves in the music game this year, and now he could be making moves on the dating scene.

The “BOOTY” artist is known for having a fun and bright personality but has always been private regarding who he was dating. 

Fans were shocked when a mystery man appeared on his Twitter account.

“Oh this what u do on Twitter?!” Santana wrote on Twitter.

Fans flooded his comments with questions to learn who this man was.  After a brief back and forth, the mystery has still not been confirmed.  

All fans know is that somebody is getting their “lights knocked out!”

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