EXCLUSIVE: Meet Roc Nation’s Newest Artist HDBeenDope

SOHH had the chance to catch up with introspective rapper HDBeenDope who was recently signed to Jay-Z’s Roc Nation family. Here’s the scoop on HD and what his signing means to hip-hop.


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Up-and-coming rap artist HDBeenDope was recently signed to Roc Nation

The Brooklyn native is a young, humble, and ambitious artist who has been honing his craft for the last eight years. 

He listed his top three rap artists as 50 Cent, Lil Wayne, and J Cole. According to him, they have all inspired his lyricism and vitality.  

BeenDope’s sound can be described as energetic, honest, and lyrically clever. 

Discussing J. Cole’s influence on his raw lyricism, he said: 

“Somebody might hear it and think that’s just a line, but I know the story, I’m painting the picture every time I’m hearing these things and I think that comes from early on listening to Cole.” 

HD’s confidence in his ability to bring a unique sound to hip-hop while focusing on the art of his music is infectious. The rapper remains grounded in his artistic process.

”As an artist it’s always important to understand self.”

His recent signing was coupled with the release of his new freestyle and video, which introduces his first official single, “Wake Em Up,” available for streaming now. 

Despite HD’s nearly decade-long journey, this new deal marks the beginning of a successful rap career.

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Recently, HDBeenDope celebrated his signing to Jay-Z’s record label, Roc Nation, with a champagne toast surrounded by his “legacy.”

The champagne toast was held on the rooftop of Roc Nation’s Hudson Yards NYC office with a breathtaking view of the entire city.