BriGuel’s New Single & Music Video “Mind Takes Hold” Prepares Audiences For The Release Of Their Upcoming EP

New York City-based artist couple BriGuel have just released a teaser for their upcoming EP titled TBD under the form of a single and music video titled “Mind Takes Hold.” They have managed to blend multiple musical genres into one grand kaleidoscope of sonic explosion projected through the lyrics, music, and performance. BriGuel’s fascinating chemistry is once again the highlight of the track, along with the powerfully wise message delivered by the couple in life and in music. 

The vocal performance by Brianne and Miguel’s rap come together in pure harmony with the instrumentals and beats, creating a wonderful sound set to play on repeat. On “Mind Takes Hold,” BriGuel try to make sense of the internal processes that happen within us when we are subject to doubt and anxiety, paralysing us into making any positive changes in our lives.
A celebration of life while tackling the darkest side of our lives, this song is the ultimate proof that the EP that they will release this month is sure to grab the world by storm.