Summer Watson Opens Up Her Heart To Her Audience On new Single “Unveiled”

Summer Watson, the classical crossover singer with a soft soprano voice who is a graduate of the Royal College of Music in London, has recently released her latest single, “Unveiled.” The single sees the gorgeous Summer Watson open up her heart to her audience in a transparent and deep way, something she had until now never allowed herself to do so, and instead was singing other artists’ music rather than her own compositions. This time, and after many life experiences that changed her way and approach towards life, she is back with all original songs, and the result is mesmerizing. Her dazzling technique, her incredible sincerity, and the innate talent to sing, are all the elements that, combined, produce an extraordinary listening experience where all the emotions come to the surface to follow Summer’s advice; open your heart, unveil your deepest to the world, one of the secrets to a happy life.