Real Life “Tried” Video

HNHH PREMIERE: We’re pleased to bring you the new visuals from Real Life, who lays it all on the line with “Tried.”
In December of 2018, we moved to highlight the work of Seattle’s Real Life, who made the cut on our ongoing Three Artists You Should Hear series. Now, we’re happy to premiere Real Life’s brand new video for “Tried,” a melodic single that puts his impressive vocal chops on display. Fueled by an old-west-inspired chord progression, the visuals mirror that aesthetic to an extent, taking place in a picturesque field at sunset. Lo-fi and minimalist in nature, it goes to show that a powerful performance can go a long way.
“I wrote this song about walking through the fires in our lives that we can’t avoid forever and realizing shit will never be perfect but it was never suppose to be,” explains Real Life, speaking exclusively with HNHH. “As much as this songs about someone else, it’s a self-reflection. We tend to gravitate towards people with the same scars. But man with the state of the world right now, I felt a weird parallel which gave the song a lot more meaning to me. All we can do is try.”
Wise words to leave on — be sure to give Real Life a chance, and check out the brand new visuals for “Tried” right here. Are you going to be putting him on your radar?