Listen: Summer Walker + Scotty ATL Affiliate Remey Williams Celebrates Black Men's Excellence W/ New I'm Good Single

Musician Remey Williams is putting the spotlight on what strong, Black men bring to the culture. The multi-talented entertainer – who has worked with the likes of musicians like Summer Walker and Scotty ATL – has come through this week with the new, must-hear “I’m Good” anthem.

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Remey Williams is sure to become a household name with the release of his highly anticipated debut single, ​“I’m Good”​ which celebrates the beauty, intricacies and joy of being an African American man. Remey first began his musical journey at the age of ten, when he picked up his first pair of drumsticks which ignited his passion and love for creating feel good music that lasts a lifetime.

Being the son of Jimmy Williams, bass player for the legendary R&B group the O’Jays, he could have easily stayed amongst the shadows of his father’s success, instead Remey has made a name for himself in the music industry as a well-respected musician, producer and vocalist who has worked with the likes of Summer Walker, Jacob Latimore, Ruth B, and Scotty ATL just to name a few.

Although he has had great success in the music industry, the time has come for him to transition from behind the scenes to a full fledged soulful artist. Some may think that stepping out from a musician/producer to an artist may be difficult, but for Remey Williams, this is a way to showcase his evolution as the man he is today, the man that his mother always knew he would become.

“I’ve always been someone who hid behind my talents but the moment I lost the person who truly believed in my artistry, my mother, that’s when I decided to take a chance on myself and from that point on I never stopped.”​ — Remey Williams on transitioning from a musician to an artist.

“I’m Good”​ is a mix between empowerment and acceptance of your melanin skin curated with a flow that grasps your attention from beginning to end. Remey makes the point that no African American man or woman should be ashamed of the color of their skin, instead they should fully embrace the beauty within. “I’m so handsome, no apologies” showcases the strength in owning who you are as an individual as well as inspiring black boys to continue to embody what it is to have black boy joy. ​“I’m Good”​ could not have come at a better time especially in the climate that our society is currently in. This record is sure to inspire, revive, and rekindle a new found love and appreciation for the color of your skin. Remey Williams is definitely an artist you should look out for who will inspire the masses for years to come.