Cardi B Feat. Megan Thee Stallion “WAP” Video

Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion engage in X-rated debauchery in the playful and highly suggestive “WAP” video.
It’s been nearly one year since Cardi B delivered her last solo track, and now it would appear she’s ready to showcase her new material to the world. Last night, the Invasion Of Privacy rapper came through with her brand new single “WAP” — an acronym for “Wet-Ass Pussy” — alongside Megan Thee Stallion; though in the clean version, which soundtracks the official music video, the censored lyrics bring it closer to “WAG.”
As one can likely gather from either title, the song has come equipped with a suggestive and highly NSFW adventure. Taking place in a secluded mansion that appears to have been designed by a perverted scholar of Dr. Seuss, Cardi and Megan navigate the various rooms in various states of undress.
Visually, it’s not quite as untamed as the lyrics might have suggested, but both leading ladies carry a powerful presence all the same. And for those who aren’t interested in the whole twerking thing, perhaps some of the mansion’s various wildlife can tickle your zoological fancy instead. Even Kylie Jenner makes an appearance — if only to walk dramatically with a coy look on her face. Call it what you will — a sexual empowerment anthem, a strip-club banger, a return to form, or a straight-up disappointment — but no matter where you stand, it’s clear that Cardi has lost none of her star power. Check out “WAP’s” outlandish visuals now.