Smoove’L Is Hella Selective About His Juice On “Quarantine Essentials”

Smoove’L gives us a tour of his cupboard, featuring lots of different juices, ramen noodles, cereals, and more for “Quarantine Essentials.”
If Smoove’L doesn’t have Pineapple Fanta at the crib, he might just disappear because, according to the Brooklyn rapper, he needs the delicious soda to survive.
“I need this. Without this, you don’t got me, on god,” he says on the new episode of Quarantine Essentials.
The Boy From Brooklyn artist is known for bringing a different kind of flavor to the drill sound in his city but he’s also pretty specific about the flavors of his drinks. For starters, don’t be trying to give him no straight-up cranberry juice. He’s only drinking Cran-Grape, an Ocean Spray special.
He’s also pretty enthusiastic about the different types of juices in his cupboard, walking in and showing us what’s good. On top of the Pineapple Fanta and Cran-Grape juice, he’s also stunting regular Fanta, Hawaiian Punch, milk (for his Apple Jacks and Fruity Pebbles), some Minute Maid fruit punch, and more. As you can tell, Smoove’L wants to wash his food down smoothly with different kinds of flavors each meal.
In the food department, you can catch him shopping for bulk packs of ramen noodles, tangerines, mangos, Hot Cheetos, and more.
Check out the latest edition of Quarantine Essentials starring Smoove’L to find out more about the rising rapper.