Yung Miami, Lil Mama + Alexis Skyy Support Game Calling Men Out

West Coast rapper Game has some major backup. A slew of hip-hop stars have come forward to co-sign the “My Life” hitmaker’s messages about supporting a woman and taking over the bills.

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Yung Miami, Lil Mama + Alexis Skyy Support Game

After going to Twitter with some more thoughts on covering his bae’s finances, a handful of celebs showed Game love. The rap heavyweight’s key points centered on men taking on my responsibilities and holding down their queens.

“Why she gotta pay 1/2 the rent ?? She giving you 1/2 the pussy or sumn ??? Niggas kill me…. since the beginning of time REAL MEN have always taken care of shelter, providing & protecting. & if you ain’t got it… go get it !!! … If you’re lucky enough to land an independent woman who works her a** off & still comes home to cook, clean, take care of kids & go krazy sexually…. let her stack what she make in case y’all need it one day & still handle everything as a man !!! … Everybody different, but it just ain’t in me to let MY WOMAN share the worry of paying for ANYTHING. I feel good carrying that load & im not changing !!!

The Los Angeles native also acknowledged how good a man should feel about providing for his woman.

“The term “I got it baby, don’t worry about it”…… makes most womens soul smile, heart warm & vagina get more moist than perfect tollhouse cookies, but what do I know ??‍♂️ … I get it.. n*ggas is mad at the tweets. But ask ya self why ? Cause you don’t want a real woman, you want a ROOMATE. I’ve seen my mama d*mn near slave at home & still go work a 10 hour shift as a child & I can’t let MY WOMAN go out like that. If you ain’t that type of man, kool.”

Among those to support his words were Yung Miami, Lil Mama, and Alexis Skyy. The trio reacted to an Instagram screenshot of Game’s eye-opening tweets.

“I stand with you @losangelesconfidential” – Lil Mama

“EXACTLY!!!!” – Yung Miami

“Period” – Alexis Skyy

Game Pays For His Woman

The Los Angeles native is old school and he’s not ashamed to admit it. The former G-Unit member initially revealed the woman he’s with never has to worry about finances.

He added a condition to pay for his other half. Whoever he calls his woman should take care of their home, the cooking, and give him a good time in the bedroom. As long as those three requirements are met, Game will take care of the bills.

“Maybe I’m old school but my woman ain’t paying one damn bill. Not rent, not mortgage, not a car note, not nails, hair, clothes, phone or groceries…. if you’re taking care of home, cooking & f**king the sh*t outta me….. LIFE ON ME !!! Period.”

Game Caught Thirsting For Kash Doll

In March 2021, Detroit rapper Kash Doll went to her Instagram with the most random and hip-hop-appreciated salute. Doll unloaded an eye-opening pic of herself and referenced one of Biggie Smalls’ most memorable rap lyrics in the caption.

“Every cutie with a booty got a coogi Hair provider: @stylepro_kendrap Outfit: @hollywoodpeezy Styling coordinatior: @sankaraxt Hair: @chassidyautumn”

The epic shot and “Hypnotize” caption sparked a flurry of co-signs from celebrities like Chicago’s Dreezy. However, the biggest shocker came courtesy of West Coast rapper Game who appeared to shoot his shot at Kash.

“Happy birthday sis ❤️” -Dreezy

“All you missing is sumn “Biggie” in ya…. ???” -Game

Caught Thirsting For LeToya Luckett

In February 2021, a screenshot went viral revealing Game sneaking into R&B singer LeToya Luckett’s Verzuz cameo segment during singer D’Angelo‘s publicized live event. Instead of hyping up the face-off, the former G-Unit member completely showed off his feelings for LL.

“Meanwhile…#TheGame was in the #Verzuz comments trying to see what’s poppin’ with #LeToyaLuckett!!”

It’s worth noting that Luckett and her husband Tommicus Walker announced divorce plans not long before.