Young Dolph Set Up Theories Persist As Internet Sleuths Point To An Inside Job

The death of Memphis rapper Young Dolph has shaken fans and left them wondering what could have led to his death. One theory being circulated by keen-eyed internet sleuths suggests that the murder was set up as an inside job.

Young Dolph

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Young Dolph’s Still A Mystery, Fans Wondering Was He Set Up

Young Dolph, Memphis rap legend, passed away in late November while picking up treats in a local spot called Makeda’s Cookies.  Police are still investigating and no suspects have been named to date.

But conflicting testimonies from the owners of Makeda’s Cookies, video evidence, and other discrepancies are pushing internet sleuths to their own suspicions – that Dolph was the victim of an inside job that could involve the Makeda’s cookies staff or family.

A YouTube video by “Identikal” cites several suspicious pieces of evidence that could indicate that whoever shot Dolph knew when and where he would be at the time of the attack. They cite the fact that the glass remnants that were broken from presumable gunshots were found outside the shop instead of inside where the shooting happened and that one of the eye-witnesses was related to the owners of Makeda’s Cookies.

The amateur investigative video also cites conflicting stories from the wife-and-husband duo that runs the cookie shop. In an interview on television, the husband said that he wasn’t there during the shooting and came after he heard the news but the eye-witness – who is his relative – claimed that he was holding Dolph when he got shot.

Police have released camera footage of the suspects, but caution that the investigation is still ongoing and urge the community not to draw false conclusions.

Young Dolph Laid To Rest At Private Funeral

Funeral services for Young Dolph were held at the First Baptist Church on Tuesday. His family laid him to rest in a private ceremony.