Lil Wayne Allegedly Pulls Out Weapon On His Bodyguard

Lil Wayne has been accused of pulling a gun on his bodyguard. Police are now looking into the incident.

Lil Wayne

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One of Wayne’s guards told cops he and Wayne got into a fight at Weezy’s Hidden Hills, CA home. Cops told TMZ that they were told the altercation escalated to physical violence and Wayne pulling out a firearm.

The guard claims Wayne told him to get out of the house after the initial dispute, but the guard went to the bathroom first. He claims that’s when Wayne dramatically escalated things, pulling out an AR-15.

That’s when the guard ran out of the house to the gated community’s guard shack, where he called the police.

The cops have issues with the guard’s story and question why he did not have marks on his body from the alleged altercation. However, they are investigating the case nonetheless.

Lil Wayne X Jerry Epstein Debunked

Recently the theory that Lil Wayne was implicated in a lawsuit regarding Jerry Epstein was debunked.

Since the death of Jeffery Epstein, many conspiracies have been floating around regarding his life. An alleged lawsuit against Epstein that contained the names of many hip-hop and R&B stars that started circulating on the internet has since been debunked.