Who Is Omeretta? (And Why Did She Tat Her Boyfriend’s Name All Over Her Body?)

Rising rapper Omeretta The Great is trending on social media after she released photos of six separate tattoos of her boyfriend’s name all over her body.  For those who don’t know the Georgia peach, here are five things to bring you up to speed about her – and why she tattooed her boo’s name all over.


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Who Is Omeretta the Great?

1. The Megatron Challenge

In 2019, the rapper participated in Nicki Minaj’s “Megatron” challenge for $10,000. Her freestyle verse was liked by many and reposted by Minaj herself.

2. Love And Hip Hop Cast Member

The Georgia rapper made her debut on Love And Hip-Hop: Atlanta in 2021 for the show’s tenth season. She is one of the newest stars of the show along with fellow female rappers, Baby Tate and Renni Rucci.

3. Debut Album In 2016

She might be new to the TV screen but Omeretta has been in the music game for a while. Her debut album, “Black Magic: A Dose of Reality,” was released in December 2016 under her own label, Omeretta Records.

4. First In Family To Attend College

She briefly attended Savannah State University. Even though Omeretta didn’t graduate from college, she was the first in her family to enroll directly after graduating from high school.

5. Her Boyfriend, Ta’Byron, Is Doing Time

The rapper’s boyfriend is in jail serving a 27-year sentence for robbery. Omeretta has her boyfriend’s name, Ta’Byron, tattooed on her six times for good reason – the two have been in a committed relationship since 2012. 

The Much-Talked About Tattoos

Omeretta is clearly a ride or die for Ta’Byron and wants the world to know it. Hence the six tattoos of his name on her neck, lower back, behind her ear, her side, her wrist, and her collarbone.