Gunna’s Got NIKE “Pushin P” – Is A New Endorsement Deal In The Works?

The new phrase coined by Gunna on his new album DS4 has completely taken over social media. Now, The Atlanta rapper’s got Nike “Pushin P” too.

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A NIKE And Gunna Collab May Be Coming

Gunna has already toppled the charts with his DS4 release last week.  Now, his catch-phrase has captured social media with fans – and brands – Pushin’ P.  

No one really knows what P means, but Gunna calls it the new equivalent of “gangsta” or “fly”.  NBA teams like the Memphis Grizzlies, restaurants like WingStop, and even the Teletubbies are dropping the P Button all over the timeline.

The International House of Pancakes tweeted, “We’re always pushing pancakes.”  Gunna was only too happy to big up IHOP’s tweet, declaring, “IHO Pushin.” 

The official Nike’s account jumped in on the fun and teased, “We had an internal meeting and without getting into details we’re pushin ?️ all year.” 

Gunna quoted the tweet and responded “Nike X Gunna is ?️,” hinting that a possible collaboration between the rapper and the brand could be on the way.

Gunna Tops Billboard 200 Chart

We recently reported on Gunna beating The Weeknd to the top spot on the charts. 
Gunna beat The Weeknd for the top spot on the Billboard 200, making this his second album to top the chart on the Billboard 200.

In 2020, his album, Wunna, led the charts when it was released in June. He has now repeated the feat with his recently released album, DS4Ever, amidst competition from former Odd Future rapper, Earl Sweatshirt, and pop superstar, The Weeknd.

Gunna And Chloe New Couple?

And fans can’t seem to resist dating rumors about Gunna and Chloe Bailey.

As Gunna geared up for the release of his album “Drip Season 4,” he dropped the tracklist to build up excitement for his fanbase. Chloe Bailey is the only woman featured on Gunna’s tracklist and after they appeared at a recent NBA game together, fans on social media are wondering about their relationship status.