What Happened Between Lil Wayne + Girlfriend Denise Bidot?

If the rumors are true, this wouldn’t be the first time and won’t be the last time that a couple broke things off due to political differences. No cap, there are couples who can’t survive rooting for different NFL teams. This one is just different because it involves one of the biggest rap stars in the world.

Lil Wayne almost broke the Internet last week when he threw his support behind incumbent U.S. President Donald Trump. While everyone had a field day with Weezy for that decision, it went next-level when rumors surfaced that Wayne’s girlfriend Denise Bidot had dumped him over his Trump support.

While there’s some believable evidence that Wayne and Denise are no longer an item, neither the rapper or the model have confirmed anything. Denise hasn’t said anything publicly about her thoughts on Wayne’s Trump endorsement.

But how did we get here in the first place?

Here’s some info on Lil Wayne and Denise Bidot’s relationship leading up to their rumored breakup.

Who Is Denise Bidot?

If you’re reading this, you already know about Lil Wayne. He’s the 38-year-old artist who’s sold over 120 million albums, who has more Billboard Hot 100 singles than Elvis, and who is widely respected as one of the best MC’s ever.

Denise Bidot isn’t as famous. The 34-year-old is of Puerto Rican and Kuwaiti descent. She has broken barriers as a plus-size model in the fashion industry. Before she deleted her Instagram account around the same time as the Wayne/Trump incident, she had almost 800,000 IG followers.

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When Did Lil Wayne + Denise Bidot Start Dating?

Wayne and Denise first met in 2019 at an industry event, but didn’t start dating until one year later. They went public with their relationship in June 2020, when he posted her pic on Instagram captioned simply, “All.” About a month before that, in May 2020, Lil Wayne reportedly broke up with his fiancee La’Tecia Thomas and started following Denise Bidot on IG. (Which is a big deal, because Wayne typically follows no more than one or two people at a time on IG.)

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Denise Bidot Was Chronically Single Before Lil Wayne

In an interview with Hola! USA magazine in June, Denise Bidot revealed that she’d been single for a whole decade prior to dating Lil Wayne. “I’ve been single for 10 years, and feel so blessed to have found love in the middle of everything going on,” she said. “Was so unexpected and so perfect.”

Denise Bidot Was Talking ‘Forever’ With Lil Wayne

In July 2020, Denise wrote on Instagram “I could kiss you forever” about Lil Wayne. Later that month, Denise’s IG posts about Wayne frequently included the word “love.” In August 2020, Lil Wayne wrote “Stop sleepin on love” to caption an IG photo of Denise.

Lil Wayne Celebrated His Birthday With Denise

For Lil Wayne’s 38th birthday in September 2020, Denise dropped another loving social media post. “These past 5 months have been filled with more love, passion, and laughter than I ever thought possible,” she wrote. “You’re my best friend, my lover, and way more than a dream come true.”

The Donald Trump Incident

A few days before Election Day, Lil Wayne shocked the world when he revealed that he’d met with President Donald Trump and appeared to support the POTUS in his re-election bid. That’s when the rumor started that Denise Bidot dumped Wayne. When a Twitter fan applauded Denise for breaking up with Lil Wayne over the Trump issue, Denise initially denied it.

Evidence Of A Breakup?

Despite the denial from Denise, fans are pointing to the fact that she unfollowed Lil Wayne on IG, he unfollowed her on IG, and that she deleted her account. The radio silence coming from the couple — not presenting a united front amid all the talk — is deafening.

Denise hasn’t posted on Twitter since Nov. 2 when she wrote “Wow … can this year be over already.” On Nov. 4, Wayne wrote a cryptic/confusing piece on Twitter, seemingly addressing the relationship. It was only his second tweet since the infamous Trump-supporting tweet, indicating that some thought went into it and it wasn’t just a Trump/Kanye-ish tweet storm of random thoughts.