Wendy Williams Predicts Bobby Shmurda Will Be Back In Jail Soon

Talk show host Wendy Williams still knows how to start rap beef. Just days after she triggered NBA YoungBoy‘s mother and Boosie Badazz with her commentary on the troubled Louisiana rapper, Wendy has the Internet on her case over Brooklyn artist Bobby Shmurda.

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Wendy Williams Doesn’t Have Much Faith In Bobby Shmurda

Bobby Shmurda recently got out of prison after six years, but he’s on parole for another five. That means Bobby has to keep his nose clean, and Wendy Williams says she doesn’t think it’s going to happen for the platinum-selling rapper.

“Don’t be offended, Shmurda, but I think you’ll be in trouble before the middle of the summer comes. I do. … It’s hard to stay away from gang people if these are your friends. You wanna go to the club. He could be anywhere and, you know how you get a contact? And now all of a sudden you have to do the urine test. … They say he has to keep a job and his career, which means he’s got to go to the studio. And who’s at the studio?”

The Internet Drags Wendy For Doubting Bobby

Of course, fans on social media weren’t here for Wendy’s negativity. The messy media mogul has apparently found another fan base to antagonize and keep her name trending.

wendy williams really be on some hating ass sh*t, like why would u wish bad on bobby shmurda like that

@WendyWilliams u a f*cking hater… stop wishing bad on n*ggas…. Bobby Shmurda will not be in jail by summer…. why u just can’t wish the man the best of luck

Maaaaan @WendyWilliams ain’t sh*t yo…. tf she think she is passing judgment on Shmurda like that…

That was gross Wendy…

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Wendy Williams Hears From NBA YoungBoy’s Mom + Boosie Badazz

Wendy said NBA YoungBoy needs to be in jail after leading L.A. police on a chase, then she made fun of his baby mama Yaya Mayweather. That prompted the rapper’s own mama, Sherhonda Gaulden, and Boosie Badazz to join the chorus on social media ripping the gossip queen.

“F*ck Wendy Williams around here letting a half dead 90 year old white man suck her d*ck worried about my child stop tagging me in bullsh*t” (Sherhonda Gaulden)

“Stop it Wendy Williams You Did A Hot 21 Kilos Of Coke Before Your 21st Bday All The Way Till Your Amazing Tumble” (Boosie)

YoungBoy’s Arrest Caught On Camera

During the arrest in question, police went Grand Theft Auto-mode on NBA YoungBoy and footage has revealed just how intense the takedown was. Helicopters and a slew of cars were used to get YB into custody (of the FBI), as they also used a K9 unit to pursue him.

Footage of police searching for #nbayoungboy yesterday