Wendy Williams Announces Comeback With New Podcast

Wendy Williams is back like she never left. As promised, the former talk show host has finally announced that her new podcast is coming sooner than fans think.

Wendy Williams

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The talk show legend took to Instagram to officially announce the release of her new podcast “The Wendy Experience.”

Though no official date was provided, that didn’t stop Wendy from getting her co-host hyped for the release. 

The “How You Doing” entertainer can be seen all smiles as “Welcome Back” plays in the background. 

She announced it by saying:

“Co-host I’m famous, and I’ll be back, trust me.”

After 13 seasons, “The Wendy Williams” show will no longer grace viewers’ TV screens. 

However, the new podcast producer has made it known she’s not done yet.  

“The Wendy Experience” will get personal and have different celebrity guests throughout the show. 


Wendy Williams Announces ‘The Wendy Experience’

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Wendy Williams Reveals New Business Venture Amid Her Show’s Cancellation

Wendy Williams is 100% retired from television, but she has a new endeavor to save her time and earn more money. 

The former TV host says she is in the process of producing her podcast after her show wrapped up its 13th and final season.

She interviewed with TMZ and said her podcast is still in the early stages, but she has some ideas on celebrity interviews.