Soulja Boy Believes He’s More Influential Than JAY-Z: ‘I Started The Internet’

Atlanta rapper Soulja Boy believes it’s all about his own blueprint. The hip-hop veteran has come forward to speak on just how much of an impact he’s had on the culture and why he deserves way more flowers than living music icon JAY-Z.


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Soulja Boy Believes He’s More Influential Than JAY-Z

In a new interview, Big Draco didn’t hold back – at all. Without getting too personal, SB said he believed his online presence alone gives him the edge over Jigga.

“I definitely got more influence than Hov. I started the Internet, JAY-Z don’t know nothin about the Internet! JAY-Z don’t even be posting on Instagram.”

Soulja Boy Gives His Best Piece Of Advice

Recently, the rap heavyweight went online to dish out some motivation about trusting the process. Soulja Boy told followers to look way down the line and at the big picture. He gave his best piece of advice suggesting a few years from now, the struggle will be worth it.

“In five years from now you won’t care how long it took, you will just be glad you did it.”

Soulja Boy Reveals The One Rapper Who Outdid Him

SB can give helpful advice, be the first to do everything every other rapper couldn’t do, but the one thing he can’t do is out-smoke Snoop Dogg. He went online to tell an awesome story about one time the two linked up to get lit.

Soulja detailed a hilarious time where he tapped out during a smoke session with Snoop Doggy Dogg. The two also ended up recording “Pronto,” which landed on the West Coast icon’s  Malice N Wonderland album.

“He had a studio at his house, so we over there and playing Madden. We just started smoking and we kept smoking and kept smoking. I had my other two homeboys and when he passed me the blunt, I just kept passing it to them. I just looked at Snoop like, ‘I’m high. I quit, I don’t know what’s going on.’ He kept going!”

The Atlanta rapper might not be able to out-smoke Snoop, but his confidence is still up and he’s been feeling nice-nice with his hands. The self-proclaimed creator of all rap game trends has revealed an interest in lacing up boxing gloves to take on anyone in the culture.

Soulja Boy’s Down To Fight Everyone

Recently, SB hit up his Twitter page to share a big revelation. Without name-dropping anyone in particular, Big Draco offered to see anyone in a four-cornered ring.

“’ll fight any rapper in the game in a boxing match 🥊”