Smino Talks JID & New Album “Luv 4 Rent”

Smino recently interviewed with Zane Lowe on Apple Music to discuss things like his new album Luv 4 Rent and his admiration for JID.


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Smino sat for an interview with Apple Music on The Zane Lowe Show ahead of releasing his upcoming album Luv 4 Rent.

During the interview, Smino talked about why the album titled Luv 4 Rent was life-changing for him:

“This whole album, Luv 4 Rent, it’s about having fun and recognizing your inner love, You feel me? Straight up self-love vibe. I felt like I wasn’t personally doing that for myself, You feel me?” 

The St. Louis native also added that he has a sequel to his aforementioned Love 4 Rent album:

“The crazy thing about everything is I’m releasing part one, but this is just part one of the album, and I’m releasing part one first, but.”

Zane then asked Smino if there would be another part of the album:

“Yeah, I ain’t never said that to nobody. My manager’s going to be like, damn bro but yeah. Come on, you know I got to tell Zane the real, bro.”

Lastly, Smino spoke on his admiration for JID:

“I got a whole lot of respect for that man bro, he really does what he wants to do out here. You know what I’m saying, he doesn’t really fall in no way. It’s like JID, it’s really JID, that’s my boy, that’s my brother.”

Recently, Smino and JID announced they were on tour together titled “Luv Is 4Ever” in the early part of 2023.

Smino Releases “Matinee” Single

Smino also decided to give fans a new single as he gets ready to release an album.

The Motown signee dropped another single, “Matinee,” ahead of the release of his album, Luv For Rent, this Friday.