Flavor Flav Celebrates 2 Years Of Sobriety + Other artists Who Chose To Stay Sober

For some celebrities, living in Hollywood could lead to a plethora of drugs and booze. Flavor Flav is just one of the few artists who chose to live a sober life.

Flavor Flav

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Many celebrities have opened up about their struggle with drug abuse over the years. Recently, the New York O.G. Flavor Flav announced his second year of sobriety on October 19. 

He also shared that he hasn’t touched a cigarette or bottle of alcohol in that time frame and he feels “good” about it.


FLAVOR FLAV::: two years of sobriety y’all,, I am very proud of myself,, I just had to let everybody know it I’m proud of me #flavorflav #soberlife

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Furthermore, several other artists are also choosing to stay sober such as:

Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj’s son Papa Bear must have truly changed her. The “Moment 4 Life” rapper opened up about her sobriety earlier this year, when a fan asked if she was “high” via Twitter. The Barbz quickly responded and told her fans that she is “loving life.” She even talked about her happiness when she was high versus her happiness sober. 


Eminem hit a milestone with his sobriety in 2020 when he celebrated 12 years drug and alcohol free. In 2009, he opened up about his drug abuse, forcing him to take a back seat in hip-hop while slowly recovering. 

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Jennifer Hudson

Despite popular belief, Jennifer Hudson says she has never touched a drink in her life. The EGOT earner played a heroin addict in the 2013 film The Inevitable Defeat Of Mister & Pete

In an interview with Chelsea Handler, she revealed her struggle to connect with a character that does drugs since she had never done it herself. She even met with addicts herself to prepare for the role. 

She also explained her choice to be sober was simply because she was never interested.

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D.A.R.E. Is Criticizing Zendaya For Depicting A Drug-Addicted Teen In “Euphoria.”

D.A.R.E. came out of the woodwork to criticize actor Zendaya for her stunning depiction of an addicted teen in the HBO series Euphoria.  The drug abuse organization wasn’t so vocal in the past when non-black actors played addicts.

D.A.R.E was created in the 1980s by the Los Angeles Police Department, and students in schools around the US were taught to “just say no to drugs.”