Saweetie Opens Up About Break Up With Quavo + Single Life On “Caresha Please”

In the latest episode of Caresha Please, Saweetie was candid about her break-up with Quavo and her experience navigating her single life.


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Bay Area rapper Saweetie opened up about living the single life and her breakup with Migos’ Quavo.

During the interview, the burning question about her dating life was brought up. 

The “Icy Girl” rapper mentioned that it’s the first time she’s truly been single, and now she experiences anxiety about going on dates.

This stems from her fear of being “caught” by the media and ending up on gossip blogs based on assumptions. 

The High Maintenance artist also stated that whenever she is seen interacting with a guy, people automatically assume they are together, which is never the case. 

As the interview progressed, Yung Miami asked about her past relationship with Quavo.

In addition, the City Girl asked about what transpired during the infamous elevator incident, where the Icy rapper did not seem to share much. 

She did mention that the two had their differences and that it was time to call it quits.

Furthermore, the Pretty B*tch Music singer admitted that she was in love with the “Hotel Lobby” rapper, and her feelings would be the same even if he was a regular guy. 

The “Pretty B*tch Freestyle” artist kept it cute and did not address the rumors of infidelity or the photo where she was sitting on a man’s lap, which was suspected to be Lil Baby.

When asked what she learned from her relationship, she replied:

“Honestly, I think I learned how to be a woman.”

Saweetie is currently happily living a single life and is using her newfound freedom to work on her growth as a woman and an artist.

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