Quavo & Takeoff Team Up With Lyrical Lemonade As Offset Goes Solo

Migos’ star Quavo did a lyrical lemonade on TikTok showing love to group member Takeoff for his birthday where the absence of Offset was hard to go unnoticed.


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Migos member Quavo posted a video of him hopping on a plane to Chicago for a performance with his nephew and group counterpart Takeoff. 

In the TikTok video, fans can hear Quavo talk about the Lyrical Lemonade experience as well as give a special birthday shoutout to Takeoff:

“What’s happening, so this is how my day started straight off the movie set to the jet cove city say they need me lyrical lemonade Chicago man no question I’m on the way kick my feet back and I’m gone happy birthday Take I had to give him the three header monster highly anticipated but never duplicated.”


Lyrical Lemonade ? 22’ #Quavo #Fyp #fy #hotellobby

♬ HOTEL LOBBY (Unc & Phew) – Quavo & Takeoff

Lyrical Lemonade is a platform created by a rapper named Cole Bennet, and it covers everything such as production, events, merch, and more.

While Quavo and Takeoff were experiencing some Lyrical Lemonade in Chicago, Offset was doing his own thing.  

Offset is featured on the new song and visual “Step 1” by an artist named SleazyWorld Go.

In the video, viewers can see Sleazy and Offset out on the streets with their friends step dancing with guns in hand.

No More Migos

More speculation of a possible breakup came when It was announced that the Migos would no longer be performing at the Governors Ball Festival in New York City.

Soon after it was announced, the Atlanta rap group was replaced by Lil Wayne.

The hip-hop family trio Migos are now “dós” as circulating information hints at a possible split.

Offset unfollowed his cousins and group counterparts, Quavo and Takeoff, on all social media platforms. 

People unfollow people all the time but what made this extremely suspicious was that it followed Quavo and Takeoff’s announcement of their new group “Unc & Phew.” Quavo is Takeoff’s uncle.