Nicki Minaj Aims To Shut Down Leaked Video Of Her Baby Boy

Hip-hop icon Nicki Minaj is in mama bear mode for her baby boy. The rap superstar responded to fans and anyone else on social media posting a newly leaked clip of herself and her baby that’s currently circulating the net.


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Nicki Minaj + Papa Bear Clip Leaks Online

Nicki made her wishes clear when she allegedly reached out to more than one person through social media, requesting that they take down a clip that somehow leaked showing her toddler son, nicknamed “Papa Bear.”

“Pls take my son down babe.”

Nicki Minaj’s Adorable Son Pics Revealed

In January 2021, Onika hit up Instagram with the must-see shots she wanted to share. The last swipe on her slideshows features super gushy footage of Minaj’s baby boy.

“PapaBear thank you so very much for choosing me to be your mama 🎀🦄🙏 Wishing you guys a happy & prosperous New Year. Thank you for your love & support throughout this journey. It’s meant so much to me. Becoming a mom is by far the most fulfilling job I’ve ever taken on. Sending love to all the superhero mothers out there. Big hugs to all the women who have been pregnant during this challenging time.”

Nicki Minaj Pulls Up + Makes New Music Reveal

Earlier this month, Onika hit up her Instagram page to give followers a reason to cancel any major and minor plans they may have had. Nicki announced she was going live an hour before her “FRACTIONS” single was expected to premiere. The video features Minaj driving with her husband Kenneth Petty riding shotgun as she plays a sneak listen to new music.

“Going live tmrw night @ 11PM EST— it’s the PINK Richard Milleeeee 4 meeeeeeee ⌚️ only 8 in the world. Anyway, be on time tmrw night 😘😝”

Nicki Minaj Grew Up Wanting To Get Away From Her Father

In interviews that took place years before her dad’s death, Nicki Minaj revealed that she prayed to be rich as a kid so she could get her mother away from her abusive father. Nicki has also told the story about her father setting the family’s house on fire.

“All of my young and teenage early years we lived in fear that my mother would be killed by my father. It was ridiculous. It was very tough emotionally for me to have a parent who was an alcoholic and a drug addict. … My father was violent — physically and verbally.” (Huffington Post)