Michelle Obama Praises Beyonce’s New Single “Break My Soul”

The queen of pop culture, Beyonce Knowles Carter, released her first single from her new highly anticipated album, Act I, “Renaissance.” 


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The single titled “Break My Soul” is a song to let loose and get you moving. 

Queen B has social media in a chokehold preparing everyone for the big album drop next month. First Lady Michelle Obama even praised the single on Twitter and her anticipation for the entire tape.

“Queen @Beyonce, you’ve done it again! “Break My Soul” is the song we all need right now, and I can’t help but dance and sing along while listening to it. Can’t wait for the album!” 

The single features a sample from New Orleans Diva Big Freedia’s song “Explode.” Yonce also samples Robin S. Sandeville’s original house classic, “Show Me Love”.

Big Freedia did an exclusive interview with Access Hollywood, reflecting on the rare opportunity to collaborate with the singer 

“this is another powerful moment that she has given came out with something powerful and iconic.”

Freedia also admitted that he had no idea when the single would drop and received word like the rest of us. 

The feel-good tune is full of energy and colorful, flawlessly interacting with her most recent British Vogue editorial shoot. 

It reminds us to “release” from our daily stress and take our power back. 

Here are some of the lyrics:

“I’m lookin’ for motivation

I’m lookin’ for a new foundation, yeah

And I’m on that new vibration

I’m buildin’ my own foundation, yeah

Hold up, oh, baby, baby

You won’t break my soul” 

The “Lemonade” artist has been full of surprises, most recently announcing new underway projects each week. Her clever marketing schemes are adding momentum to the entire body of work expected to drop on July 29. 

Let’s see what the queen’s next chess move will be!

Before the new album frenzy, Queen Bey was focused on making multiple investments. 

Earlier this year, the lemon water brand “Lemon Perfect” announced Beyonce was becoming a backer in its “$31 million fundraise. The pop megastar invested alongside Beechwood Capital, Goat Rodeo Capital, Melitas Ventures, NNS Capital, and Trousdale Ventures. The company went viral two years ago when the Grammy-award-winning artist posted a photo of herself with the beverage.