Jim Jones Declares Loyalty To Juelz Santana Forever

New York rapper Jim Jones sees much more in Juelz Santana than just a collaborator. The hip-hop veteran went to his social media pages to dish out on just how much his longtime friend and fellow Dipset member has meant to him.



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Jim Jones Declares Loyalty To Juelz

Jimmy went to his Instagram page with a snapshot of both himself and Santana hanging out together. They’re both twinning dripped out in some flashy New York Knicks attire.

“Am I my brother keeper yes I am Wit out him there no me each one teach one u fall I hold u up I fall u do th same We go in together we come out together Leavin each other side is not a option in th face of adversity They can take all these trophies and th money from me I’m still gone b there for my brother because he’s my brother They tried eveyrhing to take th birds 🦅 out th sky Not on my watch though Ps heavy on th water @mazzanewyorkofficial”

The salute even sparked a mighty Juelz Instagram co-sign in the comments section.

“My Brother 4LIFE…. Always Us… 🦅💪🏾🙌🏾💯✔️”

Dipset Shows Up To Support The NY Knicks

A few days ago, Jim Jones posted an Instagram video moments before the Knicks tipped off against the Atlanta Hawks in Game 5 of their first-round playoff series. Jones, Cam’ron and Juelz Santana pulled up at Madison Square Garden to support their squad. Santana’s wife, “Love & Hip-Hop” reality TV star Kimbella, was also there. As charged up as Cam was pre-game, the Knicks ended up losing the game and the series.

“That n*gga Killa too hyped for me. I like basketball, but not that much.” (Jim Jones)

Cam’ron + Amber Rose Flex Dipset Goals

Harlem’s own Cam’ron was having some fun under the sun recently with one of the rap game’s most famous models. The hip-hop heavyweight linked up with popular blonde bombshell Amber Rose.

“It’s a lot going on in this pic so I’ll explain 1. Me (flee) in that @flee.farms pink camo (available soon) 2. Amber Rose in that Dipset X poster boys clothing collab (coming soon) 3. Amber Rose getting that PinkhorsePower for @ae4president (let me know how is goes y’all, I’m sure it’ll be a rodeo lol) 🐎🐎”

Dipset + Posta Boys

This week, Alexander Edwards teased the world about having a huge Dipset collaboration on deck with his Posta Boys clothing brand.

“The Diplomats Empire 🦅 launch event on Friday, April 16th at 2PM at @domtheland (700 N Fairfax Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90046) Diplomats 🦅 & Postaboy$ 💎members will be there for the brand new @diplomatsempire x @postaboys collaboration release. The collection will be available in store at @domtheland & online @NTWRK (dropping at 4PM PST – same day). Whole diplomats family will be on NTWRK online live interview at DOMTHELAND, don’t miss it. DIPSET! 🦅@mr_camron @thejuelzsantana @jimjonescapo @freekey730 POSTABOY$ 💎 @ae4president @tyga @amberrose @teegrizzley @kreamcash @dok2gonzo”