Michael Jackson’s Most Iconic Moments To Remember On His 64th Birthday

The late, great Michael Jackson would have turned 64 today, and fans worldwide have countless memories of him. Here are five iconic moments from the King of Pop’s life and career.

Michael Jackson

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1. First TV Performance With The Jackson 5 

Michael and his four brothers performed on August 22, 1969, at Madison Square Garden for the Miss Black America Pageant.  

They were introduced by Diana Ross and performed “It’s Your Thing.”

2. First Moonwalk 

On May 16, 1983, Michael Jackson publicly performed the moonwalk for the first time on NBC’s Motown 25

MJ was performing “Billie Jean” at the time.

3. The Chaotic Pepsi Commercial 

On July 27, 1984, MJ suffered second-degree burns while filming a Pepsi commercial. 

His hair and jacket caught fire with fireworks and a pyrotechnic display behind him. 

The accident occurred while singing Pepsi with the same beat to “Billie Jean.”

4. Michael’s 30th Anniversary Celebration

On September 7 and 10,  the Michael Jackson: 30th Anniversary Celebration took place at Madison Square Garden. 

The concert was star-studded with performers such as Usher, Ray Charles, Destiny’s Child, The Jackson’s, and more. 

A “dance battle” occurred between Michael and his good friend Chris Tucker. MJ would later get a surprise jacket covering his idol, James Brown.

5. Baby Over The Balcony

On November 19, 2002, MJ shocked the world when he dangled his infant son,  Prince Michael II, or “Blanket,” over a balcony in Berlin, Germany. 

Fortunately, no one was hurt that day.

Happy Birthday, MJ! You are truly missed.

MJ Part 2

One of many singers that have been influenced by Michael Jackson includes Chris Brown

The multi-talented star was interviewed on Big Boy’s Neighborhood and asked about the MJ comparison.

He shut the comparison down and said MJ is “light years ahead of him” and that the comparisons should stop between them.