Master P Denies He Owes Comedian Jess Hilarious $15K

Master P responded to comedian Jess Hilarious on The Breakfast Club after she claimed the record executive still owed her money. Jess alleges Master P did not pay her for a comedy skit she did for the film I Got the Hook Up 2 in 2019.

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We Still On This?

During an interview, Master P said Jess Hilarious “signed a contract and got paid” for her skit for I Got the Hook Up 2. However, the comedian said she didn’t get paid for two skits and practically 13 hours of her 2019 work while guest hosting on Feb. 21 with The Breakfast Club morning show.

“I’m still owed some bread for that I’m not going to lie,” Jess said.“Yeah for the first scene. I did two scenes.”


? @jesshilarious_official takes over the #TheRumorReport to #JessWithTheMess & apparently #MasterP owes her over 10k ?? Tap in ? someone call #ICDC ? . Follow @breakfastclubam ?

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When Master P joined the morning show, co-host Charlamagne Tha God asked if he believed “the situation with Jess was a miscommunication?”

“Yes,” Master P responded. The “Make ‘em Say Ugh” hitmaker wondered why Jess was still discussing the situation. The rap mogul continued, “Why are we talking about that? Let’s be honest, I gave you an opportunity. Why are we talking about that.”

On Feb 22, Master P posted to Instagram:

“I love [Jess Hilarious] I know she was just cracking jokes … but if she is tryna squeeze me for another 10K she got that.”

Jess Hilarious Fires Back

While filling in as a guest host on the show, Hilarious shot back at Master P. 

“You think out of everybody out there right now, I’mma come after you for clickbait and fake headlines, I don’t have to do that, sir!” she continued.

“Now, he playing around with me, because I never said it was a second check. It was money paid upfront and then it was supposed to have been another $15,000. Yeah, I didn’t get the other half of my money. Stop playing with me like this was check one, check two. No.”

In another clip, Jess Hilarious added that Master P didn’t even pay his son, Romeo for his role in the 2019 film, aside from not paying her $15K on the back end of her check.

In December 2022, Romeo dissed his dad on social media when he said his dad isn’t the man he portrays to be in the public eye.

Mase Responds To Diddy Saying He Owes Him Money

Master P isn’t the only one receiving complaints about not paying money.

In 2022, Mase fired back at Diddy’s comments from his interview with The Breakfast Club about still owing his former boss money.

He pointed out that he cannot give receipts for artists such as Biggie, Craig Mack, and Black Rob because they are deceased and the other former artists signed a non-disclosure agreement.