Latto Clears The Air On Alleged Photoshopping Scandal At Coachella

Latto, also known as Big Latto, has found herself at the center of a social media scandal after fans accused her of photoshopping the crowd in her Coachella performance.

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Grammy-nominated artist Latto was one of the many performers at the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival, an annual music festival held in California, in April 2023. Following her performance, she took to social media to share pictures of herself on stage, with a seemingly sparse crowd in the background.

This led some fans to question whether or not the pictures were photoshopped, with accusations that Latto was trying to make it seem like she had a larger audience than she actually did.


Latto came with receipts! She let it be known that there is no Photoshop #hiphop #hiphopnews #music #sohh #sohhdotcom #latto #coachella #nophotoshop

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The accusations quickly spread on social media, with fans sharing side-by-side comparisons of the pictures Latto shared and other pictures that showed a larger crowd. Some fans even accused Latto of buying fake fans to make it seem like she was more popular than she actually was.

Latto was quick to address the accusations, taking to social media to share a video of the packed crowd during her performance at Coachella. In the video, fans can be seen jumping and singing along to her music, clearly proving that she did, in fact, have a large audience.

Latto Addresses Rumors

Latto is known for clearing the air in March of 2023 she teased a new snippet to an unreleased song on her Instagram, which appeared to address rumors that she is dating 21 Savage after denying it. However, the song, which also addresses her new tattoo may leave room to question otherwise.