Logic Blasts Def Jam: “What Kinda S**t Is That?”

Logic is the latest rapper to publicly express his displeasure with his record label situation. He is blasting the label, accusing Def Jam of mishandling his release rollout.


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Grammy-nominated rapper Logic took to Instagram to call out Def Jam Records, one of the latest artists to come out about problems with their label. Logic was extremely upset with the way the label is handling the releases of his projects and says he will not put up with it anymore.

Logic posted a minute long video to his Instagram account to express his feelings and dissatisfaction. 

On the video, Logic lashed out at the iconic hip-hop label saying:

“Def Jam why are you f**kin up my releases man. WTF is goin on man, I told Def Jam that i wanted to release my s**t as a two-pack and I just found out that they are releasing it as two singles at the same time. What kinda s**t is that?”

 Logic seems to be justified in his frustrations. The recently unretired rapper went on to state that:

“I dont give AF about none of that s**t, I care about my fans, I care about hip hop, I care about music. I have my baby, I have my wife, I am blessed bro. Def Jam do not f**k up my release! Everyone in that building who is really there for me,  I love you, thank you so much. Everybody else can eat a d**k” 

After those harsh words, Logic abruptly ends the video.

Heard It All Before

Unfortunately, this isn’t the first time Logic has had issues with Def Jam.  In 2020 he took to Instagram to issue a statement to Def Jam threatening them that he will un-retire and leave the label after all of his contract obligations are fulfilled. 

In his statement, he accused Def Jam of not paying his collaborators and called them out by posting unpaid invoices that he had received that they were supposed to have handled already. 

The statement read, “Can you please pay my friends and musicians that have made my albums great this is ridiculous at this point! I shouldn’t be getting calls from close friends of mine in the middle of dinner with my wife and how YOU haven’t paid them from the budget you’ve given me for this album”  

In 2018, Logic signed a record contract with Def Jam for $30 million, making him one of their highest-paid acts.

Recently, both Meek Mill and Megan thee Stallion had a public war with their record labels over the alleged mishandling of their contract. Meek Mill put his record label on blast.  Hot off the release of his album, “Expensive Pain,” Meek Mill took to Twitter to air out his issues with his label, Maybach Music, an imprint of Atlantic Records.  Megan Thee Stallion has clapped back with a heavy hand against her record label’s claims that they’re not paying her because she owes them music. Megan said they’re drug addicts, money-hungry, and are scapegoating her when the real issue is with Houston music icon, J. Prince.