Lloyd Banks Says 99% Of Rappers Can’t See Him

Lloyd Banks seemingly came out of nowhere recently like he might be plotting a comeback to the rap game. Earlier this week, the New York lyricist generated a debate over the criteria for rap’s G.O.A.T.; now he’s declared that he’s still better than almost every rapper on the scene.

Lloyd Banks Puts Himself In Hip-Hop’s 1%

The G-Unit original hasn’t put out an album since 2010, but apparently doesn’t believe he’s lost a step. When a Twitter fan said Banks can still rap circles around 90 percent of rappers today, Banks took it a step further.

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Could Lloyd Banks Have Been The G.O.A.T.?

On Twitter, a fan said Banks could’ve been “one of the greatest rappers of all time.” Banks laughed at first, then asked what exactly it takes to reach that status.

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Lloyd Banks’ G-Unit G.O.A.T. Competition

For what it’s worth, Banks put out three solo albums in his career (one went platinum) and was part of two G-Unit group albums. His last project was 2010’s Hunger For More 2. If a G.O.A.T. needs a solid library rather than just lyrical skill, if anything, Banks’ bandmate 50 Cent has a better G.O.A.T. argument with five solo albums and tens of millions in sales.

50 Cent Uses Lil Nas X To Troll Young Buck

50 Cent will use anything for ammunition in his ongoing feud with Young Buck, which made the Lil Nas X pic that blew up on Instagram Friday night easy pickings. After Lil Nas X showed the world his spot-on Nicki Minaj Halloween costume, 50 used it to take another jab at Buck.