Lil Wayne Leads The Return Of Summer Festivals In A Grand Way

Rap superstar Lil Wayne is signifying the return of big summer festivals for hip-hop fans. The hip-hop icon is set to reopen L.A.’s Memorial Coliseum after the COVID-19 pandemic with his UPROAR music festival, and tickets are officially available.

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Lil Wayne Leads Return Of Summer Festivals

Wayne’s UPROAR Hip-Hop Festival is described as an immersive and interactive experience with music, arts, and nightlife activities. The event will feature a headliner performance by Lil Wayne himself, along with “Young Money and Friends,” as advertised. Tickets were made available today and attendees can finally expect to attend a concert in person.

UPROAR Hip-Hop Festival also marks a grand opening of the nearly century-old LA Coliseum, which has been named a historic landmark, after a multi-million dollar renovation. The Festival will take place within The Torch, the general admission venue located in the iconic Peristyle plaza entrance.

Lil Wayne Is Bringing Young Money To UPROAR

In April 2021, the UPROAR event was originally announced and scheduled to take place at the L.A. Coliseum on Aug. 13. The card is billed as “Lil Wayne, Young Money, and Friends,” which technically means we could see anyone from Cory Gunz to Christian Milian to even Nicki Minaj (maybe a cameo?) sharing the stage with Weezy F. Baby.

Party with @liltunechi @youngmoney and friends ⚡️ UPROAR VIP Party + Performances at The Torch at the LA Memorial Coliseum

Lil Wayne + DJ Khaled Return As Kids

In May 2021, in a heartfelt visual, Khaled decides to put the focus on life-changing moments in each of their lives. From Wayne discovering a gun to Khaled putting his life into music-making and Jeremih recalling his Chicago come-up, the video is packed with emotion.

Lil Wayne Forgot His Own Lyrics

In early April 2021, in a viral clip, the hip-hop legend got his own “Lollipop” remix (that also featured Kanye West) lyrics read back to him. Wayne is shocked when he learns those were bars that he spit.

“Safe sex is great sex, better wear a latex/’Cause you don’t want that late text, that ‘I think I’m late’ text.”

“Oh! I said that? I don’t know when I said that or why I said that”