Lil Baby Forgot His Own Debut Album Lyrics

We’re learning the downside of a rapper not writing down their lyrics. Grammy-nominated superstar Lil Baby got caught lacking recently, forgetting some bars to his song “I’m Straight” from his 2018 debut album Harder Than Ever and chalking it up to not writing them down.

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Lil Baby Couldn’t Remember His Lyrics

Lil Baby was interviewed by the social media team from Atlanta’s Jewelry Unlimited boutique, who quizzed Baby on his own lyrics. In his defense, the platinum-selling artist has made a lot of songs and spit a lot of verses since 2018’s “I’m Straight,” but he still got clowned for blanking on his own words.

Can Artist Finish Their Own Lyrics?

Lil Wayne Forgets His Lyrics, Too

The same thing happened to Lil Wayne recently. A hilarious video of Tunechi forgetting some of his iconic bars went viral, which he also blamed on not writing them down.

“Safe sex is great sex, better wear a latex/’Cause you don’t want that late text, that ‘I think I’m late’ text.”

“Oh! I said that? I don’t know when I said that or why I said that”

Lil Wayne forgets his own iconic lyrics.

Lil Wayne + Young Thug Caught In The Studio

Fans are hyped after a clip of Tha Carter rapper and Young Thug came out on social media. The pair have never released a song together or even been on the same track, and while details are still unknown about what they’re cooking up, it still has everybody excited.

Trippie Redd Reacts To Lil Wayne’s New Crib

Rap star Trippie Redd might have one of the most famous hip-hop icons living near him. The rap heavyweight has come forward to react to buzz about Wayne reportedly dropping over $15 million on a new mansion.

Screenshots went viral of Wayne’s newly acquired crib. The pics and caption ultimately ignited Redd’s reaction inside an Instagram post’s comments section.

“Wow my idol live in my neighborhood now … Wow my idol live in my neighborhood now”