Kehlani Can’t Catch A Break When Fight Breaks Out At Concert + Fan Runs Up On Her Onstage

Kehlani has been having bad luck at her recent concerts.


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It seems like this week has been filled with drama for Kehlani and fans are getting more bold these days.

Last night in Philadelphia, Kehlani had to stop the show due to many people passing out during the concert.

At the moment, the “Nights Like This” singer commented on the situation mid-show:

“I can’t have this, this is not okay, I feel don’t feel comfortable, I don’t feel ok, I don’t feel like anybody is safe right now.”

During the previous show in Pittsburgh, Kehlani noticed a fight broke out while performing “Honey,” and a fan ran up to her while she was onstage.


Kehlani Concert Takes An Aggressive Turn

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While onstage, the Oakland native joked about the fan heckling her during her performance:

“It’s going to take a second for me to get used to the fact that like, I don’t if it’s a milestone like oh my God on my last tour somebody tried to tackle me on stage like I really made it.”


Kehlani Can’t Catch A Break With Recent Chaos At Shows

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The singer addressed both issues during an Instagram live after the show:

“First of all, I got ran up on stage for the first time, somebody literally ran up on me as I love you, that was crazy and then yall were fighting at the show yall snatched that girl wig off at the show and I don’t like that.”

Kehlani can’t seem to catch a break as chaos keeps breaking out at her performances. 

Still, hopefully, things simmer down as the tour continues.

Fight Breaks Out At Erykah Badu Concert

A similar situation happened at an Erykah Badu concert which was also surprising. 

Out of all places, a scuffle between two women broke out at an Erykah Badu concert. 

The peaceful spiritual energy was not in the building as Erykah sang her hit “Window Seat” while the brawl continued.