Joyner Lucas To Promote Local Artists On ADHD Tour

Joyner Lucas has made a good name for himself in his rap career and is set to do something special on his upcoming tour. While performing on stage, he allows local, rising artists to share the stage with him.

Joyner Lucas

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The talented rapper from Massachusetts is set to go on his ADHD Tour along with Bay Area rapper Symba

Joyner Lucas won’t only be performing his songs; he will also be giving 18 local artists a chance to perform on the same stage.

Joyner is letting a local artist from each city on tour to perform one of their songs. 

If an artist wants to be on stage, they must sign up on Joyner’s start-up platform, Tully, and upload the song they want to perform. 

The artist will perform the song on stage in Joyner’s city if selected. This will give the artist more exposure and possibly increase their fanbase.

The ADHD Tour will start in Minneapolis on September 8. It will end in Phoenix on October 12.

Almost Fumbling The Bag…

Joyner Lucas almost managed to pull out of Lollapalooza.

Back in March, Joyner was not pleased with his name being used in a small font on the festival’s poster. 

To express his frustrations, he sent out a tweet criticizing the festival and questioned why Machine Gun Kelly was a headliner. 

Joyner would later perform and delete his shots at MGK. He was also roasted by fans in the comment section afterward for saying his tweets were hacked by Russians.