History-Making Solange Knowles Is The First Black Woman To Compose Ballet Score

Extraordinary and multi-talented singer, songwriter, and visual artist Solange Knowles has set the American world of ballet on fire as the first Black Woman to compose a score for the New York City Ballet.

Solange Knowles

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Solange Knowles is taking a Seat At The Table as she officially becomes the first Black woman to compose a score for the NYC Ballet. 

The singer was all smiles in her latest Instagram post with her freshly laid micro braids; she said: 

“?very excited to announce i’ve composed an original score for the New York City Ballet ? choreography by Gianna Reisen , score performed by the City Ballet Orchestra and soloist from my ensemble ?”

The score will celebrate New York City Ballet’s 10th anniversary of its Fall Fashion Gala

The score will pair with choreography by ballet choreographer Gianna Reisen

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A Force For Creativity

This latest project only increases Solange’s artistic palate. 

The innovatively futuristic talent is well known for bringing her earth-toned vintage-filled concepts to life. 

The “Don’t Touch My Hair” artist is no stranger to‘first’ taking on creatively unorthodox concepts that challenge racism while celebrating culturally significant styles in fashion and exploring the idea of blackness. 

Her album visuals for her 2019 “When I Get Home” and 2016 “A Seat At The Table” play on culturally significant moments and exemplify her ability to execute various creative roles. 

These accolades signify all the reasons for the world of contemporary dance to appoint her to the position of composer.

Supporting Blacks

Solange’s big sister, Beyonce, recently name-dropped “House of Telfar” in her Renaissance single “Alien Super Star,” causing a spike in Telfar bag sales.

Solange Knowles is known to rock a Telfar bag daily, supporting the Black-owned brand. 

The “Almeda” star is known for supporting and elevating the brands of other black artists. 

She referred to Telfar as a “Fashion Force”:

“Where the industry restricts identity with outdated expressions of presentation, correctness, and exclusivity, Telfar has created a new language of truth, through design. The Telfar symbol is one that acts as an affirmation for how we fully and confidently show up in the work.”

Solange Knowles is more than Bey’s little sister, she is a creative force of nature, and we are proud to see her make headway for black female composers to come behind her in the realm of ballet.