Game Names The Only 4 Producers He’d Let Make His Posthumous Music

West Coast rapper Game agrees with Anderson .Paak. In response to the R&B star’s new tattoo about posthumous music, the former G-Unit member has come forward with nothing but support.


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Game Agrees With Anderson .Paak’s Tattoo About Posthumous Music

Game went strong with the same attitude as .Paak. He gave nothing but love for the Silk Sonic singer and also asked how the theoretically passed away artist’s vision is supposed to be carried out if they aren’t here.

“Number one, you gotta respect his — and everyone’s — artistry. Anderson is like my brother, and I think for him, when I read it, I thought it was dope. I think I’m in agreeance with that, man. I don’t want my shit out either. People always fu*k the vision up. If you’re not here, how can they finish it for you? Puffy after Big died, Life After Death hit. If it’s not Puff or Dre, don’t touch my sh*t. If it ain’t Puff, Dre, Pharrell, or Timbaland, don’t touch my sh*t.” (TMZ)

Anderson .Paak’s New Tattoo Is A Must See

The R&B musician is making a statement with his latest tattoo and clearly people are agreeing with it. In the midst of criticism about posthumous albums that re-ignited after the release of deceased New York Drill artist Pop Smoke‘s second album Faith, the fellow West Coast crooner has found himself wanting to clarify his instructions for the release of his music after his own passing.

The hip hop community has unfortunately seen quite a few early deaths recently ranging from Juice WRLD, XXXTentacion, Mac Miller and the late Pop Smoke. All of these artists have posthumous music that has been released. While some projects, like Mac Miller’s “Circles”, have been generally well received, others such as Pop Smoke’s ‘Faith”, not so much.

That’s why when Anderson .Paak revealed his latest tattoo, not many were surprised and others began speculating that he watched what happened with other artists work and heeded the warning. View the tattoo and read the comments below.

The tattoo reads: “When I’m gone please don’t release any posthumous albums or songs with my name attached. Those were just demos and never intended to be heard by the public”

“He saw what they did to Pop Smoke lmao.”

“Facts. They did Pop Smoke dirty with that album.”

Silk Sonic’s ‘Skate’ Video Is Full Of Summer Time Fun

Neo-Soul duo Silk Sonic, which is comprised of musicians Anderson .Paak and Bruno Mars are back with another song after their smash hit “Leave The Door Open” took over airwaves.

In this video the retro vibes are here to stay complete with roller skates, summer island atmosphere, and 70s clothing trends. Bruno Mars and Anderson.Paak sit behind drums singing and providing the funky rhythm for the track, enjoying the island breeze and the skating ladies around them.

“Skate” is the perfect summer anthem to soak up sun with as we head into the last month of summer. Have fun dancing and be careful on those roller skates!

Anderson .Paak + Bruno Mars Aren’t Used To Third Place

Silk Sonic is enjoying their success. However, It’s not enough. So the two are pushing for even more.

The “Bubblin” crooner went to social media to celebrate collabo track “Leave The Door Open” cracking 100 million views on YouTube. The song sits at #3 on the Billboard 100, but .Paak is pushing for a number one hit. He urged followers to stream the track and revealed the duo was sipping some Selva Rey rum.

“In celebration of #LeaveTheDoorOpen cracking 100 million views on YouTube we sippin @selvareyrum all week! Also, if you could find it in your heart to stream our single a bit more that would be sick! @brunomars is having a hard time coping with 3rd place. He said he’s not use to that shit. So let’s rally for number 1 y’all! #WhatYouDoin #PrayForBruno @selvareyrum”