22Gz Creates Half-Weed, Half-Henny Cookie On “Quarantine Essentials”

22Gz keeps the Biggie Rap Snacks on deck in the latest edition of “Quarantine Essentials.”
As non-essential businesses, like restaurants and corner stores, start to re-open across the country, we’re no longer locked up as tightly as we were several weeks ago. Still, it’s safer to just stay at the crib if you’re anxious about the ‘rona.
During our Quarantine Essentials series, we’ve had Mozzy, Don Q, Trap Manny, and more show off their cupboards, highlighting all the snacks they’ve been enjoying while on lockdown. Guidelines have been made more feasible but still, some people are choosing to keep things safer at home.
Brooklyn’s rising star 22Gz has been making a name for himself across New York City and beyond. He decided to take us to his kitchen to flex what he’s been keeping himself entertained with.
Johnny Nunez/WireImage/Getty Images
Froot Loops, Ritz crackers, Kool-Aid, and other essentials can be found at his spot, including a bag of Biggie Rap Snacks. The real fun comes when he gets to create his own personalized snack though.
“If I could create a snack, what would it be,” said 22Gz before pondering. “It’d probably be a cookie. One side weed, THC. And the other side, just a low percentage of alcohol, some Henny or Patron. And in the middle, I’d probably add the cream, vanilla, chocolate.”
That definitely sounds like an interesting concoction but you can’t knock it until you try it. Like most edibles, it could get ugly quick.
Check out the new episode of Quarantine Essentials above.